We Believe We Believe

We Believe

We Can Do Better.

Big corporations have flooded the market with cheap, sugary snacks that might as well be candy.

Our kids are not being nourished– they're being taken advantage of.

zeek bars skateboarding
zeek bars on the go
This is bigger than food.

With childhood obesity on the rise and physical activity declining, this isn't just about food.

It's about building strong kids who will grow up and change the world.

Our Mission:
Inspire and Build strong kids.

Zeek bars doing gymnastics
Brownie Blast Off Zeek Bars
Our Products:
3 Simple principles

• Cut-Out the Sugar

• Pack-In the Protein

• Build Strong Kids™

Build Strong Kids Build Strong Kids

Let's Build Strong Kids.

-Reid & Kassidy Pearson | Founders, Parents