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We wanted something better...

Hi, I'm Reid – dad, husband, and co-creator of Zeek Bar.

I was coaching a local little league team and parents kept asking me for snack recommendations.

Long practices and busy schedules demanded something more nutritious than a granola bar.

So, my wife Kassidy and I set out to make it.

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Getting Started

We didn't know where to start...So we bought healthy ingredients and started making bars by hand.

At first, I gave them to the kids on my little league team, but soon Kassidy and I were going to kids events to sample and sell our tasty bars.

We learned what kids liked, what they didn't, and made hundreds of iterations to improve our recipe.

Goodbye Sugar, Hello Protein

Our idea was simple: sugar is everywhere – especially in kids snack bars – so we didn't want to create another granola bar.

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Brownie Blast Off
Ingredients Matter

If we were going to make a bar for kids, we wanted to use only the best, all natural ingredients.


Finally, we knew we needed to get the flavor and texture just right – even for the pickiest eaters!

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It turned out lots of families in our community were looking for a better snack.

Pretty soon, we couldn't make enough bars by hand. We found a manufacturer aligned with our values and began selling into grocery stores – thank you Whole Foods for believing in us!

Now with a family of our own, our mission is deeply personal. We're honored to have you with us on this journey to make the world's most nutritious and delicious kids bar!

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Reid and Kassidy Pearson