Zeek Kids Protein Bar Zeek Kids Protein Bar
Brownie Blast Off Zeek Bar Cosmic Cookie Dough Zeek Bar
30% Less Sugar*
9g Protein
*vs leading kids bar
Kids protein bars in the lunchbox kids protein bars on the go!
A Better Bar for Active Kids.

Kid-Friendly Flavors & Textures!

What Parents Are Saying

Yummy flavors! My daughter loves them as a snack before practice. Great fuel for the athletic child.

Ashley 1/26/20

My daughter loves zeek bars and she is a really picky eater!! She is a happy gymnast with her zeek bars in her bag!!

Jessie 4/29/20

We did a taste test with the brownie and cookie dough that resulted in four enthusiastic thumbs up from my 4 and 6 year old.

Maddie 6/4/20
We Believe

There's too much sugar in our kids' snacks.

We imagined a kids bar less sugar and more protein to build strong kids.

-Kassidy & Reid

Founders, Parents

Available at Whole Foods

Zeek Bars are now available at Northern California Whole Foods.