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Zeek Kids Bars FAQ
We've gathered up your most common questions about Zeek Bars and put them all in one place! 

Whether it's about Zeek Bar's ingredients, nutritional content, or you're wondering, "Is it safe if my kiddo ate two bars today!?" We've got you covered! 

Let's jump in! 

How much protein is in Zeek Bars? 

There are 9g protein in Zeek Bars from a milk protein and whey protein blend. 

Why do you use milk and whey protein and not plant protein? 

Whey protein has several advantages for a kids-formulated snack bar. First, it is one of the quickest and easiest proteins for the gut to digest, making it ideal for kids consumption and digestion. Second, it is a complete protein which means it contains all of the essential amino acids our bodies need to grow, develop, and function. And third, put simply, it tastes the best! The truth is plant proteins have distinctive flavors that don't generally jive well with kids (kuddos if they do with your kids!). Whey and milk protein provide a subtle, creamy flavor that blends right in with the overall flavor profile of Zeek Bars and keeps kids gobbling them up. 

My child is 3 years old, can she eat Zeek Bars? 

Sure! We pride ourselves in only using simple, all natural ingredients so you can be confident in what you're feeding your child. So flip over to the ingredient list, check the allergens (Zeek Bars contain milk and tree nuts), and give it a go! Feel free to save half the bar for later if needed!

Why do you use honey to sweeten the bars? 

Honey is Zeek Bar's secret ingredient because it plays so many important roles. First, it obviously provides sweetness. In looking for a sweeter we wanted something natural and wouldn't be overpowering. But that's not all honey does in Zeek Bars! The honey plays a vital role in the soft texture of the bars. It binds all the ingredients together and is actually a natural preserver, keeping the bars fresher for longer! 

Are you coming out with new flavors? 

Yes, our goal is to come out with a new flavor in 2021. If you have a recommendation, email us at hello@zeekbar.com. We're always looking for new ideas! 

What is the shelf life of Zeek Bars? 

Zeek Bars last 12 months. 

Where else can I purchase Zeek Bars? 

There are three main places to purchase Zeek Bars: ZeekBar.com (where you can also set up a recurring order), Amazon.com (nationwide free two-day shipping with a Prime account), and at Northern California Whole Foods Locations

Do you make charitable donations to kids sporting events or other local causes? 

Yes, occasionally we do make product donations to events that are aligned with our mission to build strong kids. If you're organizing an event, please reach out to hello@zeekbar.com

Do you sell to clubs and teams? 

Yes, we sell to several gymnastics clubs, fitness facilities, and sports teams. To inquire about wholesale pricing, please email hello@zeekbar.com. 

Do Zeek Bars need to be refrigerated? 

No, Zeek Bars do not need to be refrigerated. For best storage, keep them out of direct sunlight and store at room temperature. 

My kiddo ate two Zeek Bars today without me knowing, should I be worried? 

It's understandable! But no there's no need to worry. Zeek Bars contain 6-7g of fiber so if your child ate multiple bars at one sitting the only potential side effect would be slight stomach discomfort from the increased fiber intake. If they consumed the bars at different times during the day, this shouldn't be an issue. 

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