Protein Bars vs. Granola Bars

Protein Bars vs. Granola Bars

As we enter the last month of summer vacation, the ringing of a new school year starts to grow louder and louder. As we all know, alongside the new school year comes another ‘first day," a couple hundred packed lunches, maybe a little more peace and quiet at home, but most importantly school sports! 

As you start to shop for your kiddo’s cleats, shin guards, or swim goggles, it is just as important not to forget about your after-practice snack. It can be difficult to plan multiple healthy meals in-between practices which is why the right snack is your biggest game changer. 

Yet, as we all know grocery shelves are filled to the brim with various bars and snacks. There are so many alternatives, so how are you supposed to know which one to get for your child during sports season? Great question! 

A fan favorite among parents are granola bars. Being that granola is made of oats and nuts, granola bars are high in fiber, vitamin E, and much more. These make them a great afternoon snack, however, your average granola bar carries around 15g of sugar and only 4-5g of protein. There isn’t a lot of nutritional value when your kid is heading to or getting back from practice. These high levels of processed sugar don’t replenish your glycogen cells leaving you only more tired. 

This is why protein bars make all the difference. Your on-the-go nutritious snack not only ensures a speedy recovery for your young athlete but also bars high in protein help boost energy levels and repair muscle. Finding the right protein bar for your child means giving them the nutrients necessary to feel great on and off the field. 

The goal here at Zeek Bar was to find the perfect in-between – a bar high in protein (8g) with 50% less sugar, and made with oats, almonds, and fiber. We wanted to give parents the option to have the best of both worlds for their athletes while ensuring kids got all-natural flavors like Brownie Blast Off and Cosmic Cookie Dough!

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