How Much Sugar is in Your Kids' Snack Bar?

How Much Sugar is in Your Kids' Snack Bar?

Have you noticed when you look at the kids snack bar aisle almost every bar is some form of granola or cereal bar?

Why is this? 

It's simple: granola bars are tasty for pickier eaters and they're cheap to make. 

The problem is, these bars are usually empty calories and packed with sugar.

Because the main ingredients in these kids bars are grains or oats, the vast majority of calories are carbohydrates, which our bodies end up treating the same as sugar anyway. 


To visualize this in the kids snack bar category, below is a chart of the top 5 kids snack bars according to Amazon: Clif Kid ZBar, Nature's Bakery Fig Bars, This Saves Lives Chewy Granola Bar, Quaker Chew Granola Bar, and Quaker Organic Multigrain Bars. 

The pink bars are the total carbohydrates in each bar and the blue bars are the total protein & fats. 

Zeek Kids Bars vs. Kids Snack Bar Category

You'll notice the carbohydrates make up a much larger portion of the bars than protein and fats. 

Typically these kids granola bars have about 70% carbohydrates to 30% protein and fats, which is a similar ratio as a Snickers Candy Bar. 

If you're looking to cut down sugar and increase your kiddo's intake of protein and healthy fats, this is an important chart to pay attention to. 

On the right you'll see how Zeek Bars actually have more protein and fats than carbohydrates–something unseen in the kids snack bar category.

This was our mission all along: imagine a kids bar with less sugar and quality real nutrition to help kids grow. 

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