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Zeek Bar

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In 2016, we started making protein bars specifically for kids. In the beginning, the bars were hand made and sold to families at local sporting events. Last year, we moved to a manufacturer and expanded to families all around the country.

Every day since our first local swim meet, we have worked hard to improve our products and offer more value to kids and parents. Our mission remains to provide parents with the healthiest high-protein snack to fuel their active kids.

2019 is a massive year for our young brand with lots of exciting plans in the works. The first of which we are excited and proud to announce today!

Starting today, Herofuel is now Zeek Bar.

After countless conversations with kids and parents, we are thrilled to launch this branding update. Our logo, website, and social media will all become Zeek Bar effective today, and you can trust our products will continue to provide the absolute best snack for your kids.

In fact, in coordination with this brand update, we’re rolling out another round of improvements to our two flagship flavors - Chocolate Chip Brownie and Cookies ‘N Cream! Our ingredients are now even healthier and we’ve managed to take the taste and texture of both flavors to a whole new level.

Your kids’ favorite high protein snack just got even better! We can’t wait for you to give them a try!

Zeek Bar- Chocolate Chip Brownie

Zeek Bar - Cookies 'N Cream

Now what is Zeek, you ask?

We made it up! To us, the word “Zeek” evokes all the emotions of being an active kid/young athlete- it is bold and unique, strong and confident, and at the end of the day, it’s fun and a bit wacky. This is an ethos we want to cultivate in the young athletes and families we fuel to reach their full potential on and off the field.

Welcome to #TeamZeek where we Dream Big and Fuel Strong.

-Reid, Kassidy, Max, & Kyla

Zeek Bar Team


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    Love it guys!

  • Shayla Connley

    Absolutely love the product, thanks guys!

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