Get Back to Youth Sports Safely

Get Back to Youth Sports Safely

After more than a year off, many of our kiddos are (finally!) getting back to their sports and activities. 

Besides throwing our arms up in celebration and yelling "Hallelujah", we want to make sure this transition back to sport is safe and successful. 

Here are three keys to help make this transition properly:

1. Take it slow

We need to encourage our kids to take it slow when returning to their sport. Injuries most often occur when our bodies aren't used to new stresses, and most of our kids haven't been practicing or playing as much over the past year. Couple this with the excitement to see friends and teammates after a long pandemic and this can be a recipe for injury. 

2. Prioritize Recovery

An increase in activity should be accompanied by an increase in recovery. Make sure your kiddos are prioritizing key recovery activities for their sport which may include cool-down periods post practice, icing sore muscles, and of course, sleep. This can easily be forgotten in all the excitement to get back to normal, but our job as parents is to remind our kids to make proper recovery a priority.

3. Adjust Nutrition

Since the physical demands of our children will be changing as they get back to competition, their nutritional demands will also change. You may find your kids hungry more often and needing more healthy calories in general. Make sure your kiddos always have a snack or two in their bags that can fuel them for long practices, meet days, and games. At home, think about well-balanced meals full of nutrients and quality nutrition that will refuel their bodies after the increased activity.


Follow these keys and you'll make your kiddos' transition back to sport as smooth as possible. And when they're finally back at their sport, don't forget to take a break yourself, kick your feat up and exhale...normalcy is coming! 

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