Can Toddlers Eat Protein Bars?

Can Toddlers Eat Protein Bars?

You've survived the baby phase, now you're on to

Don, Don, Donn...

The TODDLER phase. 

Your toddler loves fruit, sugar, and... noodles? But are they getting any protein to actually grow, you wonder? 

Maybe you're considering a protein bar to give them a nutritional boost. 

Here are three things to look for in a protein bar for your toddler: 

1. Ingredients

Read through the ingredients thoroughly to be sure you recognize everything listed. Many bars today use artificial sweeteners to keep the sugar low and research is unclear on what impact these artificial sweeteners can have little tummies. 

Next, are there any special considerations like food allergies or sensitivities you need to look out for? Bars will list the common allergens on the ingredient statement like milk, peanuts, and tree nuts as well as what may be present depending on how the bars are manufactured and processed. 

2. Nutrition Facts

The fact is nearly all protein bars on the market are not designed for toddlers. Because of this they are going to have a lot more protein than your toddler can digest. If the protein number listed is above 10g be sure to break the bar up and only give a couple bites to your toddler at a time. 

Other things to check on the nutrition label include sugar (duh!) and fiber. Fiber is another nutrient that some bars will have way too much of and will not be suitable for kids. 

3. Texture

Younger kiddos are going to have difficultly with dryer, harder bars which is a common theme among protein bars. The reason for this is that the protein inside the bar pulls away moisture from the other ingredients, drying the bar out. 

Try the bar yourself first to make sure the texture is soft enough and not too chewy that your kiddo will have difficulty eating and swallowing it. The bar will change a lot during it's lifespan so sometimes there's no other way than to take a bite yourself! 

We hope these three considerations help you in choosing a protein bar for your toddler.

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