Can I give my kid a protein bar?

Can I give my kid a protein bar?

It's a common question: "Can I give my kiddo a protein bar?"

As parents, we have our go-to protein or nutrition bar and in a pinch we often break some off, give it to our kiddos, then wonder: "Are they supposed to be eating this?" 

Here are a couple things to consider when giving your kiddo an adult protein bar. 

First, think about the nutritional content, especially protein and fiber.

While kids need the same nutrients as adults, they need them in different amounts. Pay special attention to the protein and fiber content in your bar. If it's high (>10g protein or fiber) you will want to cut the bar in half or into thirds. Too much protein and fiber can lead to stomach discomfort or constipation and can simply be too demanding for a kid's digestive system to handle. 

Second, look at what sweeteners are used in the bar.

Often times adult bars use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols to artificially lower the sugar content listed on the nutrition label. While generally recognized as safe by the FDA, these ingredients haven't been tested thoroughly on kids and are better to be avoided. Anecdotally, we've heard many instances from parents where the sugar alcohols in particular lead to stomach aches in their kids. 

These considerations are especially important if your kiddo is preparing to do something important to them like take a test at school or compete in a sporting event. During these times it's best to stick with snacks you know agree with them and will properly fuel them. 


Not to mention the unique taste and texture preferences of kids, the above considerations are exactly why we saw the need to create Zeek Bars: a snack bar specially tailored to the needs of kids. 

Growing kids need less sugar, more protein; real, natural ingredients; and flavors they'll enjoy eating without your prompting. 

If you want to always have a bar on hand specially developed for your kiddos, give Zeek Bars a try! 

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