Best Protein Powder and Shakes for Kids

Best Protein Powder and Shakes for Kids

Mixing up a healthy nutritional shake for your kids can often be a great way to provide them with additional calories and quality nutrition when eating a solid meal is difficult. 

For many of us this could be as a quick breakfast before school, a supplemental snack throughout the day, or a healthy dessert after dinner! 

Here are 5 kids protein powders and nutritional shakes we're thrilled to recommend for your family: 

1. KidzShake 

We're big fans of this one in our household because it tastes great, uses simple ingredients, and has 10g protein and less than 3g sugar! 

2. Healthy Height

Healthy Height is clinically proven to help kids grow taller, so if you're looking for this benefit, we'd recommend this option! We're especially fans of the delicious, kid-friendly chocolate flavor. 

3. Warrior Kid

Created by the Veteran and Podcaster, Jocko Willink, Warrior Kid is a delicious option as it uses monk fruit–a natural sweetener– to deliver 10g protein and only 1g of sugar. Tip: try mixing with your favorite plant-based milk! 

4. Obvi Kids Complete Protein

Obvi is great as a lower calorie option that still packs in 10g of protein and has fun, kid-friendly flavors like Cocoa Cereal!

5. Bare Necessities Nutritional Shake

Bare is a fantastic, all-natural option that is gluten, dairy, soy, and grain free with 10g protein and 11 vitamins and minerals. 

Remember to have fun when you're making these shakes and throw in additional ingredients your kiddos know and love like almond butter, fruits, yogurt, and milk! 



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