Summer Ordering (Heat Information)

Zeek Bar Summer Heat Information

Summer is coming and that brings higher temperatures. Each year between the months of April to September we operate a "Heat Protocol" to ensure you receive your Zeek Bars in the best condition possible. 

Here are some details and information you should be aware of during summer months. 

  1. Zeek Bars are designed to be much softer than typical protein bars so kids (even those with braces) can easily eat and digest them. Cookies 'N Cream is especially soft because it contains no nuts and is not always in a perfect bar shape, even when it's first produced (see image below). Because of the natural softness, Zeek Bars will get especially soft and may lose their shape further when temperatures reach 75+ degrees.

Zeek Bar Deformed

Even when brand new, Zeek Bar isn't a perfect "bar" shape. After all, natural is beautiful! 

  1. Rest assured, even prolonged exposure to heat will not jeopardize the food safety or taste of the bars in anyway!! We use honey which is nature's preservative, so Zeek Bars stay fresh. Bars will return to natural firmness when placed in room temperature for 4-6 hours. If you want to speed up this process, place them in the refrigerator or other cool place and enjoy!

Questions or concerns about summer ordering? Please email us directly at or give us a ring: (877) 245-9110