Building Strong Kids™

Built in Fremont, CA

A $250M category in flux

The kids snack bar category is undergoing a massive transformation from empty-calorie granola & cereal bars to more nutritious, better-ingredient snack bars to satisfy more health-conscious Millennial parents.

1. Big Brands are vulnerable

Big brands are trying to win share by shrinking down their existing adult formulas. These formulas don't satisfy kids' unique taste/texture preferences or their nutritional needs.

2. No compelling Kids Brand

Focused on their adult lines, large brands are not building authentic & engaging brands that resonate with kids–a massive opportunity in the digital era.

How We Win

1. A Superior, Kid-Focused Product

We perfected the Zeek formula over three years to satisfy kids' unique flavor & texture preferences while using all natural ingredients and packing in the nutrition parents are looking for.

2. Digital-First, DTC Distribution

COVID has created a generational opportunity where expensive shelf-space is less relevant and the most innovate, DTC brands can quickly gain market share in massive categories.

3. A Game-Changing, Disruptive Kids Brand

We're not a just snack bar company–we celebrate, inspire, and build #StrongKids through digital content; sports & event activations; team & league sponsorships; and charitable causes.

Founded: 2018

Sales: 2018- $40K 2019 - $80k 2020- $90K

100% Founders Equity, No Outside Investment

Ready to Scale: Manufacturing Agreement with #1 Manufacturer of Protein & Snack Bars in NA. Access to World Class R&D Team.

Sold in 35+ Whole Foods stores in Northern CA region

Key Metrics: Re-Order Rate: LTV:

Key Intellectual Property: "ZEEK" Class 65 Trademark Registration # (Safe Harbor agreement in place with Clif Kid Z Bar)

The Team

Husband & wife founders with work experience at Google, Nike, and Whole Foods. Advisory Board: Fit Aid, Starbucks, MuscleMilk