Build Strong Kids™

Fremont, CA
The Problem

Over 90% of the $500M kids snack bar market¹ is classified as "granola bars" which have high sugar and low protein content.

Granola bars are a poor option for parents to provide growing kids (ages 6-12) for sports practices, games, and other activities.

A Gap in the Market

Granola bars don't have the nutrition parents are looking for to better fuel their kids, and adult bars don't meet kids' needs- it's a massive gap in the market ready for a truly differentiated product.

Go To Market

Zeek is leveraging digital media channels, influencers, & event activations to build a sports-focused brand to engage kids and parents where nutrition matters most.

How We Win

Cosmic Cookie Dough Zeek Bar
1. Superior Product

Over two years we formulated a truly differentiated product to satisfy kids' unique flavor & texture preferences while delivering nutrition parents are looking for: 30% less sugar and 9g protein³.

2. DTC Distribution

COVID has accelerated the DTC opportunity where expensive shelf-space is less relevant and the most compelling digital brands can quickly gain market share via e-commerce⁴.

Gymnasts eating Zeek Bars
3. A Sports Brand Built For Kids

We don't have adult product lines-we're on a mission to build a kid-focused brand with engaging & innovative content delivered on the platforms kids live on.

The Team

Husband & wife founders with experience at Google, Nike, and Whole Foods.
Early Traction

Founded in 2018

200+ Amazon Reviews, Amazon's Choice: “Kids Protein Bar”

Amazon KPIs: 66% Re-order rate of #1 SKU / $24.46 AOV / $106.15 Average LTV

500k Reach Across Social Media Followers, Ambassadors, and Influencers (2X Industry Engagement %)

Available in 40 Northern California Whole Foods

Manufacturing Agreement in place with #1 Protein & Snack Bar Manufacturer in NA

25K bars donated to local community in partnership with Stephen & Ayesha Curry's Eat.Learn.Play Foundation

100% Founder Equity, No Outside Investment

zeek bars on the go
"The Best New Snack of 2020" -Red Tricycle "Best Protein Bar for Kids that's Healthy and Nutritious" -Picky Eater Blog "These are Not Your Average Kids Bars!" -Snack & Bakery

Notes & References

1. This figure is an estimate based on multiple sources. It varies largely depending on how products are defined and segmented. Grandview Research estimates the total US cereal bar market to be $1.85B in 2020.

2. According to a 2017 study by C&R Research millennial parents listed "sugar" as their top concern when evaluating snacks for their household. This theme has since been replicated in several surveys.

3. Zeek's formula currently has 30% less sugar (7g sugar) than the leading kids snack bar (10g sugar) and will achieve 50% less sugar (5g sugar) by 2022.

4. Ecomm sales were 3.5% of grocery sales in 2019, exploding to 10% of grocery sales in 2020 according to the study “eGrocery’s New Reality: The Pandemic’s Lasting Impact on U.S. Grocery Shopping Behavior”. Ecomm sales are forecasted to reach 21.5% of grocery sales by 2025.

Confidentiality Disclaimer

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