Zeek Bar vs. Clif Kids Z Bar

June 19, 2019

Zeek vs. Clif Bar

This summer what are your go-to snacks for your kiddo?

With sports, camps, and all the other activities on your hands finding time to make healthy snacks and lunches is difficult.

We've spent the past three years designing a better snack for kids so you don't have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

Zeek vs. Clif Kids Sugar

It started with taste. If kids didn't love eating it, there was no point. While other bars are just shrunk down versions of adult formulas, we looked at the kid palate and texture preferences and designed a bar to specifically meet their unique tastes.

Next came ingredients. It's so simple- no junk allowed. Use real, whole foods that we can all recognize. If we don't know what it is, it shouldn't be in our bars. This was tougher than we thought since we were dealing with an industry set in their ways. At every turn we'd hear "you have to use this weird ingredient for this reason..." or "you can technically say this is natural..." Um, no thanks. We refused to compromise. Zeek bars have just 12 ingredients and you'll know what every single one is.

Zeek vs. Clif Kids Fiber
Last but not least, our bars had to deliver a nutrition profile far better than all the other "kids" bars out there. These bars are just high-sugar granola bars; cereal wrapped up in a package. If you're like us, this isn't good enough. We wanted lots of protein to power growing muscles, and fiber so kids would stay satisfied longer and not just sugar crash. Check out our nutrition facts, they won't look like any other kids bar you've seen, and that's a good thing. 

We're confident if you look into Zeek bars you'll find there's no better snack to fuel your kiddo. 

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