Avoid these 5 Foods at the Concession Stand

January 17, 2017 2 Comments

You know not all calories are created equal, but analyzing which foods to eat on meet day and which to avoid can be difficult.
Here's our quick guide on the top 5 foods to avoid on gameday. 


5. Candy

Candy comes in at number five on our list. Most offensive within this category are candy bars, such as Snickers. These candy bars typically contain the dangerous combination of high sugar and high fat. Some sugar is acceptable but too much will lead to energy spikes and crashes throughout the long meet day. The Snickers Bar has 22g of sugar and 6g of saturated fat in one bar!

Potato Chips

4. Potato Chips

Potato chips are detrimental to athletes because of their high-fat content. Remember, fat sits in our stomachs taking a long time to digest and making athletes feel heavy and lethargic. Also contributing to chips inclusion on this list is the unhealthy oils typically used in the production of chips such as corn and canola oil. 


3. Soda

A common offender, soda is especially counterproductive for athletes. The high sugar content leads to energy and mood spikes and crashes which are especially harmful during long meet days. In addition, the high carbonation can lead to gastric distress and who wants to be burping during the 100m Freestyle?  


2. Cheeseburger

Lunch time? Avoid heavy, high-fat lunch items like cheeseburgers and hot dogs. A typical cheeseburger has 15g+ of fat and 30%+ of your daily sodium intake. This is a very heavy food that will slow your athlete down as they digest and get back in the pool after lunch.


1. The Muffin

The biggest offender on this list is a concession stand favorite, the muffin. The Muffin takes the top spot on our list mainly due to the extreme fat content. In a single chocolate muffin, there are 36g of fat. That's almost 60% of your daily fat intake! Equally offensive is the 46g of sugar. This is worse than a can of soda! Make no mistake, this is a fat-laden, sugary dessert disguised as a pastry. 
There you have it, the top 5 foods to avoid on gameday. If you athlete takes their performance seriously, avoid these offenders at all costs! Questions? Contact Us and ask!


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