How to Be a Young Athlete-Episode 3

December 08, 2016

This week's episode of How to be a Young Athlete is titled "Consistency is Key". 
What if we asked your young athlete, "What is the most important factor in becoming a champion?"
We believe the answer is consistency.
In this episode, we look at three ways to improve your athlete's consistency to reach their goals. 
Enjoy the episode, and don't forget to comment on our Facebook page with your athlete's consistency goals so we can help hold them accountable! We'll choose one athlete to award a 5-pack of HEROFUEL
The full transcript: 
What if I asked you, What is the most important factor in becoming a champion?
We believe consistency is the answer.
Consistency turns hard work into success.
Imagine you’re building a brick house that represents your success. You would need various materials to create the house. Likewise, becoming a champion requires different skillsets: things like talent, hard work, focus.
Well, you can think of consistency as the cement that holds all the bricks together: consistency is what allows you to build upon your skills.
So, let’s look at three ways you can improve your consistency:
  1. Establish routines
  • For each day of the school week, set up a routine. Which days will you practice? Which days are for homework? What about friends? Thoughtfully plan your routine then stick to it until it becomes second nature.
  • Practice showing up
    • There are going to be days when you’re tired or you’re sore, or you simply don’t feel like showing up. Practice showing up on these days no matter how you feel. Embrace these difficult days because this is when you separate yourself and build your consistency muscle.
    3. Set consistency goals
      • Don’t just set performance goals, set consistency goals that you can aim for. Maybe it’s a number of practices to attend in a row, or a limit on the number of practices you can skip. Whatever the goal is, measure it closely and once you achieve it, reward yourself!
      These three things will help you improve your consistency- the key to being successful in and out of the pool.
      Challenge: What’s your goal? Post your consistency goal in the comments so we can help keep you accountable!

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