HEROFUEL Nut Free Update

November 26, 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving all! 

I wanted to write a quick update on where the HEROFUEL Nut Free Flavor stands. If you'd like more regular updates, let me know your email and I'll add you to our nut free email list. 

Our next flavor of HEROFUEL will achieve the following: 

1. Maintain the Young Athlete Formula

    • Provide balanced nutrition facts in the recommended amounts for athletes aged 6-14

    • Use only simple, all natural ingredients

    • Offer great taste that even picky eaters will love

The Young Athlete Formula

2. Contain no peanuts or tree nuts. Note, we do not have access to a nut free facility so the product may still contain traces of nuts. The equipment used in the manufacturing of this flavor will always be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Even still, for severe nut allergies these precautions may not be sufficient. 

3. Offer a complimentary desert flavor to the original HEROFUEL (Chocolate Nut Brownie Flavor). 

With those goals in mind, here are the latest updates in the development of the nut free version:

1. We've zeroed in on Cookies and Cream flavor. 

2. We've achieved the correct consistency with our core ingredients. The optimal consistency is a small and difficult target to hit that impacts everything from taste to shelf stability to packaging.

3. The taste profile is not yet up to our standards and requires some tweaking.

4. The nutrition profile lacks balance. Specifically, we need to increase the fat and carbohydrate levels left diminished from the removal of nuts. 

Overall we're about 60% of the way to releasing this updated flavor. Our next steps are to fix the nutrition and taste profiles so they are in-line with HERO's Young Athlete Formula. In the coming week's we'll be working hard in the test kitchen and experimenting with new ingredients to achieve the results we want. 

We a plan to begin sampling this version in January at swim meets and to those who've expressed interest. Again, if you'd like to be an early tester and receive more regular updates, please email me (Reid@shopherofuel.com) and I'll add you to the HEROFUEL Nut Free list. 

More to come soon!

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