February Recap Video

March 03, 2017

Here's our regular monthly update for February. Lot's in the works and lots to look forward to! As always, we're grateful to have you along for this journey. 



And the "Too long, didn't watch" version :)
Upcoming Events:
  • Sponsoring the Zone All Star Meet this weekend in Vallejo
  • Vending/Sponsoring Junior Olympics March 11-12 in Concord
  • Possibly vending at So Cal JO’s March 16-18 in Pasadena
    Cookies ‘N Cream Update
    Early feedback has been great on the Cookies 'N Cream Hero Bar. We will be making limited quantities available at meets over the coming months. If you've tried it and have feedback, now is the time to let us know!
    Nutrition Talks
    We continue to host fun, engaging nutrition talks at local swim clubs to teach young athletes the importance of proper nutrition. Next week we'll be up in San Francisco at the Boys & Girls club for a major talk.  These are win-wins so if your club is interested, let us know!
    New Packaging
    Thank you so much to those of you who weighed in on the new packaging designs. We’re going to keep the winner under wraps for now but here are some coming updates with the new packaging:
    • Easier to tear/open
    • Hang hole at top of package so athletes can hang bars on their bags at meets
    • Messaging targeted directly to young athletes
    Young Athlete Messaging
    We’ve been thinking more and more about what HERO stands for as a brand. We believe the essence of HERO is in the potential, the future, the chasing, and the achieving of dreams. It's the idea that every legend, every champion, every olympian started as a young athlete. We’re going to be promoting this messaging more in hopes we can inspire your athlete to dream big. We particularly like the motto of “Fuel your Journey”, so you will see this messaging on some of our materials moving forward.

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