Carson Hansmann: HERO Quest LEGEND

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Full Name: Carson Dale Hansmann

Birthday: June 8th, 2004


School: Mellette Elementary

Wrestling ClubWatertown Arrows Wrestling

Hometown: Watertown, South Dakota 

Weight Class: 68 lbs.    

Most significant wins/accomplishments: Making it to the South Dakota State Wrestling tournament in only my second year of wrestling.

Carson knows how to wrestle! Even though he is new to the sport, this kid doesn't stop short in his goal setting and in aiming to be the best. He's got a great heart and great spirit, and he brought all of that to the HERO Quest! Most importantly, Carson always believes in being a good sport and shaking the opponents hand, win or lose! Now that's a true HERO. 


Why do you enjoy wrestling?

Because it keeps me active and teaches me to work hard at being the best I can be.



What's the most important thing wrestling has taught you?

 It has taught me that I have to work hard to achieve my goals and great sportsmanship whether I win or lose.


What's the best advice your coach has given you?

If you give it your all and do your best you are a winner, win or lose!

How do you handle tough defeats? 

After I shake my opponent and their coaches hands, I take a few minutes by myself, then go talk to my coach about what I can do to beat my next opponent.


What’s your proudest achievement as a wrestler?

Making it to the State Tournament in only my second year of wrestling


What's your favorite wrestling move? 

 Chicken wing with a half. 

Do you have a hero/role model? 

There are 2 Watertown High School wrestlers that help with practices, Dexter Gaikowski and Austin Hanson that really help me and are great role models both on and off the wrestling mat. 



What's your favorite subject in school? 






Do you play any sports aside from wrestling?

I also play football, basketball and baseball.  

Do you have any other hobbies outside of wrestling? 

I like running and hanging out with my friends. 

What are your goals for your wrestling career?

I would like to wrestling for a college and then maybe go onto the MMA

What are your goals for the next 1-5 years?

I want to make it state and earn first place

What is your biggest area where you could improve?

I need to work more on my hand control. 


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6 Responses


April 26, 2015

You were made for wrestling Carson. It’s truly your sport and you are fantastic at it!

Kevin Hansmann
Kevin Hansmann

April 26, 2015

Great job Carson, so proud of you! Love, Dad

Danielle Love
Danielle Love

April 23, 2015

Your uncle Eric and I are so proud of you Carson!!! Keep up the good work!

Jean Rixe
Jean Rixe

April 23, 2015

What a great attitude!

Shahara Roe
Shahara Roe

April 23, 2015

Way to go Carson!! Sounds like you have all the makings of a role model for younger kids:)

Traci Bass
Traci Bass

April 23, 2015

So very proud of you C!!!

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