Back-to-School Series #3: Gym Bag Essentials

September 08, 2014


The third and final post in our "Back-to-School" Series is all about what your athlete should have handy in their duffel for the best post-practice cool-down.

Maybe you’ve got your athlete’s gym bag packed to the T – and maybe you struggle to make sure they always have what they need. We’re here to help! We compiled a list of the basics and a little extra to guarantee your athlete has everything they need while they’re at practice. Now all you have to worry about is making sure they get to each session on time!


  1. Facial wipes: After a practice or event, it’s important to wipe away all the grime on your face. It’s a mini refresher before you get home to clean up properly.
  2. Protein bar: Once you’re off the mat, your focus usually turns to the realization that you’re hungry. Having an energy bar that’s high in protein after will help your muscles recover and curb your appetite before dinner.
  3. Towel: This one is pretty self-explanatory – a towel is a must for drying off excessive sweat. Make sure to wash it regularly.
  4. Hand sanitizer: Something you should have on you at all times, not just in your gym bag. Kill those germs!
  5. Flip flops: Your feet need to breathe just as much as your lungs do after an intense practice. Trust us, you’ll feel great.
  6. Book: Time is a luxury, so during downtime at practice or the rides to and from, try to squeeze in a few pages of an inspirational book. It’ll be a nice break from checking social media, and you’ll have no excuse for not staying driven!


And as always, make sure you have enough water before, during, and after your sessions. Hydration is key to quality performance and health!


Tell us: What did we forget? What’s in YOUR gym bag?


Check out post #1 and #2 in our Back-To-School Series to stay ahead of the game this new school year!


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