Back-to-School Series #1: How to Make an Inspiration Board

August 25, 2014


With another new school year approaching, it’s always beneficial for students to set goals for themselves. Our three part "Back-to-School" series will guide you to start the fall semester with your best foot forward!


Keeping your athlete focused is crucial for achieving success in everything they do. A great way to stay motivated throughout the year is by having a personalized inspiration board. This project will be a reminder to reach for the stars and to never give up, especially when the school year and sports season get tough. As strength coach Elliott Hulse said, “Successful people do what they need to do, whether they feel like it or not.” With an inspiration board, you won't dare to give up!


Some of the items below you may already own, but all the listed supplies can be purchased at Michael’s, Walgreen’s, or any other seller than carries basic craft materials.


White paper board







List your favorites. Jot down all the things that inspire you – movies, songs, quotes, people, places, etc. Having a broad list of items will help you make a very unique board tailored to your specific interests and goals. All of these items should make you happy and also challenge you to do better.

Choose your size. Decide on how big or small you want your board to be based on your list. If you want to make it bigger so you can add more things as the year goes on, go ahead!

Placement is key. Think of where you will put the board in your room – make sure it’s visible enough so you can be empowered by it every day.

Cut, print, and cut. Look through old magazines or books you may have lying around, or go online to print out your photos. Fit as many pictures and quotes onto one page as you can to save paper, and after printing, proceed to cut them all out.

Make your own. Don’t forget to write your goals and dreams for the year, too! Having this as part of your inspiration board will keep you dedicated when you see your future achievements among your biggest influences. Write down 5 things you want to accomplish before next summer in bold marker so it stands out on your collage.

Play around. Lay all your inspirational pieces out on the board and see what looks best. Make sure your quotes are not blocked by other pictures, and see if you missed any of your favorite things. You can always add other fun things, like stickers!

Good to go! Take your time with taping your pictures to your board. It’s okay if it’s a little messier than you planned. After all, the road to success is not a straight line – it’s a rollercoaster. What matters is that you have something to keep you going during your lows, and now you will with this collage of positivity! Hang it up and be proud of what you’ve made and what’s to come.


What will YOU put on your inspiration board? Send us a photo of how yours turned out!


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