Kids Protein Bar?

June 03, 2016

Kids Protein Bar?


One of the first questions we inevitable receive about HEROFUEL is:

"Why is it designed for kids?"

The answer to this question is pretty simple.

Kids have different nutritional needs than adults. Their bodies simply don't require what's inside most of the bars on the market. That's because most of the bars on the market were designed to meet the common goals of adults, namely, muscle building and weight loss. 

Kids have unique nutritional needs and there's a big gap in the nutrition bar market.

What about the "How?" How is HEROFUEL designed for kids? 

Let's be honest. If a bar doesn't taste good, no GREAT, kids aren't going to eat it. Maybe you'll get them to eat it once or twice, but after that good luck. When we began formulating the bar we had a requirement of uncompromising taste. If it wasn't one of the best tasting protein bars we'd ever tasted, it wasn't going to be good enough. We're super proud of the taste of our bars and happy to report that thousands of kids have tried HEROFUEL and only a handful have ever not enjoyed the taste. 

In addition to taste, nutrition was paramount. After all we're trying to replace candy bars. We worked with a variety of health and nutrition professionals to develop the correct nutritional profile for HEROFUEL. We wanted to use whole food ingredients and keep it as simple as possible.

No matter what the market there are many different functions a bar can take on: energy, protein/recovery, high fiber, etc. HEROFUEL was designed for the young athlete: the 6-12 year old child playing competitive sports. Sport was the biggest and best opportunity we saw to properly fuel kids when it mattered most. So HEROFUEL is much more of a traditional protein bar vs. an oat/energy bar like other kid's bars. If you're curious for more about HEROFUEL's nutritional profile see this post and this post

You can see the full nutrition label here. 

Beyond nutrition, there are other logistics required in a kid's protein bar. It should be easy to eat (softer, chewier, and moister) and it should come in a package that can be resealed so kids can eat it as needed throughout their sporting event. Both of these things were not easy to do but we insisted on them so that the form of HEROFUEL would serve it's function. 

It is our goal to offer the best protein bar for your child when they need it the most.


If you have any questions about the formulation, let me know! Email me anytime: 

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